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error publishing to PDF

When I publish to PDF or WORD I get the error attached. However, publishing same model to web seems to work fine. I have a very similar model which publishes OK to word and PDF, so am at a loss to know what to try.

Version info also attached.

I tried to attach the model to this topic but didn't succeed. if you reply by email I can attache the source file.

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Dear William,

Regarding your posted comments on the forum: please note that this forum is for dealing specifically with the Bizagi BPM Suite and its features - including questions and/or bugs, and client’s suggested ideas or positive comments.

It looks to be like a rights problem. Make sure to execute the modeler as administrator.

We fully appreciate your feedback. However, we would like to ask you if you could share your posts on the Bizagi Process Modeler forum (on, where it can be viewed and treated by the Process Modeler community and its experts.

This posted topic will now be deleted.

Thank you for understanding.