Error message placement & aborting request

Hi Team,


Is it possible to show validation error on the field itself

instead of showing it in the right corner of the screen? If yes, how?


If someone aborts a request, what happens with the case number? I

see in test environment, the case(request) number is null for such cases.



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Dear Swati,

Please check the following article which explains how to abort a case and what happen with it:

Go to the Cases administration menu and search for the case you wish to abort or invalidate. You can search cases by different criteria as creation number, current assignee, creation date or process.


Once the case is selected, enter the invalidation reasons in the box that appears at the bottom of the screen. When filled, click the Invalidate button


An email message will be sent to all the users who have pending activities in the case that has been aborted.

When looking up for the aborted case and its detail, its status and abort reason is shown under the details tab: