Error message of "Error Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation"

Work station A

Window server 2012

Work station B

Window 7

In my situation, currently using work station B studio to access the bizagi project located at work station A. After finished created the new theme at Bizagi Studio.

The studio file is allowed to use at work station A.

however , while use work station B to access the project file again. The error message showed

"Error Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation"

Best Answer

Dear Antonio,

Please check the following considerations in this article:

Also, follow the steps in order to open the project correctly.

Best Regards


Dear Araujo,

Maybe you have missed a step moving the project. Check this article:

Also, check this file to open remote projects:

Note: You can reinstall Bizagi Operation Service. Go to C:\Program Files\Bizagi\Bizagi Studio\ServerOperationsService, then press uninstall_x64.bat and finally install_x64.bat in order to update all projects in the Server.



I executed uninstall_x64.bat and install_x64.bat, but it did not helped us.

I had alread y read thos e articles before.

Is it possible to create a project locally (same name as remote project) and point to use the remote database ? Will it work ?

Thanks !


Dear Araújo,

It will not work. Please send us full Bizagi version (Server and client), Screenshots of the problem, Windows versions (Server and client).

Are you using a domain or using with IP number?

Thank you in advance