Error Message in ootb Process Download of ad hoc process


I upgraded to the latest version and then downloaded the ad hoc process.

When I now want to run the ad hoc process and click on "new" to create a new case, I get the following error message:

"status":"error","code":"CASE_CREATION_ERROR","type":"CaseCreationException","message":"CEntityDA - Nothing to insert."

Can anybody help me on that?

Txs, Jacqueline


Dear Jacqueline,

It is fairly common that businesses need to manage unstructured Processes (Ad Hoc) rather than well predefined business processes. Ad Hoc Processes consist of a series of activities which cannot be predefined. In such Processes, users must be able to decide what to do and when to do it, and also they must be able to assign work (Activities) to other people, creating interactions among various users. Although Bizagi does not directly support Ad Hoc Processes, it is possible to simulate the behavior of the activities being part of an Ad Hoc Process. In order to implement this, there is a special pattern that can be modeled on Bizagi which allows creating tasks at any time that can be performed in any order during the life of a Process. These tasks can be assigned to anyone and be scheduled to be resolved anytime. Users who have been allocated tasks, can in turn create additional tasks for themselves or other Process participants. The Ad Hoc Process pattern uses an Event that is available for all users at any time in the Process to create and assign tasks for themselves or somebody else.

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