Error Message: Illegal characters in path.

Error Details:

Source: Microsoft.JScript Message: Illegal characters in path. Stack Trace: at BizAgi.ComponentLibrary.CLibraryLoader.getValideException(Exception ex) at BizAgi.ComponentLibrary.CLibraryLoader.exec(String sMethodName, Object[] paramlist) at BizAgi.Rules.CRule.processRuleParameters(Object[] parameters, String& sRuleContent, Hashtable& htValues) at BizAgi.Rules.CRule.processRule(Object[] parameters) at BizAgi.Rules.CRuleEngine.processRule(IRule rule, Object[] parameters) -------------------------------------------------------

I was trying to insert a xml values to a collection using a method "var result=CEntityXmlHelper.fromXmlToEntityWithScopes(Me,xmlTransformed);"

which is showing error "Illegal characters in path.". I pass the xslt and custom dll generating xml which give output as "xmlTransformed" which is in xml format and I pass that as a parameter value in the "fromXmlToEntityWithScopes"