Error: Can't load localization file for language: es-co, error - Internal Server Error

buenas tardes

estoy intentando hacer un despliegue en Bizagi Studio version en servidor windows 2012 R2, pero al momento de ejecutar los procesos para pruebas locales aparece el error "Can't load localization file for language: es-co, error - Internal Server Error".

He revisado todos los formularios ninguno tiene error.

¿qué más puede estar mal?

Gracias por adelantado.

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Dear Marlon

We understand you are using the version Several fixes have been incorporated since this version, so, the next step is that you validate in the problem in the latest release and notify us if the error persists.

Follow the steps below to update Bizagi Studio:

1. Download the latest version from the following path, making sure that Windows doesn't block the file.

Unblocking files:

2. Uninstall the previous version of Bizagi Studio. Then, install the downloaded version, on the server.

3. Update the project. (For more information about updating projects in Bizagi, check below article)

4. Execute the following query in the database to clear the forms cache:


5. Delete temporary files and clean cache as described in the following article:

Also, we would like to ask you if you could share your "Spanish" language posts on the Bizagi BPM Suite forum (at, where it can be viewed and treated by the whole BPM Suite community and its experts. We have this forum for topics in English

Please let us know the results.

Thank you.

Best Regards