Error adding a collection filter while mapping a template document

Hello World,

I'm currently following the process automation 1 self paced course. In the solution to exercise 4 (how to create the "Issue travel advance..." ) video, at slides 64/95 I'm asked to add a collection filter while mapping a template document. At that point I get an error message stating : "Input string was not in a correct format". I then have choice to save (to save the whole error code) continue (it works but the error remain) and quit (which kills the application). So with that error I can't define the filter of the collection.

Anyone has ever saw that problem and could help me with it? Juan Zuluaga could you help?

Muchas gracias para la ayuda.

Guillaume Hébert

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Dear Guilaume,

In order to solve it, you require to upgrade your current version. Please download the latest 11.1 version from: and proceed to upgrade the version as well the project.