Error accessing the database with a previously created project

I tried to open a project I saved correctly previously and this window appears:


I used the same user in the computer, that is, I did not made any change in the configuration of the computer, I have done a previous project with this configuration, and I was able to open it, so this error appears only with this project. Anyway, I press Yes to reconfigurate the database information, I do not make any changes as the information is correct, it is the same as always. This window appears:


Corrupted Project Information, how can be the information corrupted if I saved, closed the program, and shut down the PC properly(I'm completely sure of that as I spent quite a long time developing the project)???

After trying to open the project with this error, the first window appears again(Do you want to reconfigurate database information?), I press yes again and the program finally crashes.


Did this happen to someone?

Thank you

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Dear Julen,

Regarding this problem, it can be problem of SQL Server. Please follow this article: and verify if the service is up. Also, verify the ports on your Firewall:

The communication between the Bizagi Studio and the BPM server hosting the project uses the following ports:

  • TCP 5679 for projects in the .NET platform.
  • TCP 5680 for projects in a JEE platform.
  • UDP ports: 50051, 50052 and 50053.

We look forward to hearing from you