Entity replication multi-language support


I'm evaluating BizAgi Enterprise .Net Edition and wondering if there is any multi language support for replicated entities.

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Dear Jose

Bizagi has pre-defined, out-of-the-box languages that you can choose from, to change the Work Portal's language. All menus will be automatically translated with no need for further customizations.You can define more than one language and allow the final user to choose which language he/she desires their Work Portal to be displayed in.

These out-of-the-box-languages are:

  • •English
  • •Spanish
  • •German
  • •French
  • •Portuguese
  • •Russian
  • •Dutch
  • •Italian
  • •Japanese
  • •Chinese (Simplified)

Are you using a different language ? or are you talking maybe about collation or character encoding ?

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Luis Emilio


Following this question, I would like to ask also this: how to translate the flow charts of my processes?I mean if I did all of my processes in Portugueses and I want to share it with a US team, how would I accomplish they be able to see it in their local lenguaje?


Dear Juan Antonio,

Bizagi is a multilingual web-application that makes it possible to display the Work Portal in any language. This multiple language support pertains to both the Work Portal default menus and the Processes.You can define more than one language in your project and allow the end user to choose which language he/she desires their Work Portal to be displayed in. If your have Processes defined in several languages the Work Portal will automatically convert to the one chosen by the end user. We will use the term localize or translate to refer to the translation of menus and controls in the Work Portal.

To know how you can implement it, check these articles:

Best regards