Email is configured properly and test connection is ok but sending automated mail gives error

Configured Office365 in Bizagi studio and when tested connection it is ok but on sending automated mail gives the error.Tried with both IMAP and POP3 different settings.Below are the details.If you please help me regarding this.



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Dear Atmaram,

You have set Email integration which is different to Email Configuration. You can easily configure any manual task to be completed by the allocated user via e-mail. This functionality is known in Bizagi as E-mail integration. When E-mail integration is enabled for a specific task, its allocated user will receive an e-mail and all he/she has to do is click on any of the buttons included in that e-mail and enter comments if applicable.

Buttons included in that e-mail typically allow the user to decide on the path a case in Bizagi should take (i.e commonly approving or rejecting a request).


If you require to send automatically e-mails, then you require to set Email Configuration. This option allows Bizagi to send e-mails through IIS and scheduler. As you are using Office 365, then you need to set up a SMTP server to relay your e-mails. For further information:

Further information about both e-mail settings:


Thank you so much Juan.Using hmail server and email relay email is working fine.