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Hi Bizagi,

i tried to set up the email integration with a webmail, however i found that when i click on the link process (Approve / Reject) in the email, the javascript:OpenNewWindow('......'), doesn't popup or do anything, is there any limitation only can use the outlook or gmail ? i can't see there is any javascript function "OpenNewWindow" in the email source? how does it acutally work?


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Dear Sunny

Currently, this feature has been verified with Outlook365 and Outlook 2013, as well as with Gmail and Yahoo. Other providers or versions have not been officially certified as well as the use of web clients such as Owa (which is not supported).

Please refer to "Considerations" section in below article for additional details:

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I'm facing problems with the email integration too. Bizagi sends the email for approval, then I click the button and reply the email. I verified the email account configured in the Email integration and the email is being received correctly.

However, Bizagi is not getting the answer and nothing happens to the process. Scheduler services are running and all the configuration are like described on the tutorials.

I checked the "Considerations" section in the refered article and it says that "responses are processed by the scheduler service" and that the scheduler must be "in a started status". What does it means? Do I have to create or configure something on shceduler?



Dear Marco,

The problem is related to Failure notifications for email integration tasks. This issue is fixed according to our release notes: "Failure notifications for email integration tasks now show the correct messages" you can refer to for further information.

Could you please upgrade to the latest Bizagi Studio version?

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards.

PD: Yes. in fact, you need to configure a job too.


Thanks Andres,

I'm using version 10.7 actually. We have a project to upgrade to version 11, but I don't know when it's going to happen because we have a lot of process runnin on bizagi and some of them will need to be rebuild in the new version.

Where can I find some information about this job configuration for email integration? I couldn't find anything about that. I follow the steps according to this link:

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