ECM Metadata


Im evaluating Bizagi , and as part of a prototype, we are trying to set file metadata through a rule following this tutorial:

Our first problem is with this line, that probably is wrong:

var idFileUpload = tmpFile.("id");

Would it change for this?:

var idFileUpload = tmpFile.getXPath("id");

Anywhare, It's not working. When I try to go to the next step in the process, the form ask for input the meta data manually.

Where must be put the rule that set the metadata, in a On Enter, On Save or On Exit event?.

This is my script:

var xPath = "SolicituddeVacaciones.ArchivoAdjunto";var metadataHash = new Hashtable();metadataHash.Add("Fecha Solicitud", <SolicituddeVacaciones.FechadeSolicitud>);metadataHash.Add("Username Solicitante", <SolicituddeVacaciones.Colaborador.userName>);var tmpFileAttribute = Me.getXPath(xPath);for(var i=0; i < tmpFileAttribute.size(); i++){var tmpFile = tmpFileAttribute.get(i);var idFileUpload = tmpFile.getXPath("id");var completeXpath = xPath + "[id=" + idFileUpload + "]";CHelper.UpdateECMMetadata(Me, metadataHash, completeXpath);}RegardsAlejandro


Dear Alejando

A member of our support team will contact you.

best regards

Luis Emilio


Alejandro, You have could find the solution to this problem?. If you did, please copy here the correct script .. thanks..