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Dynamic rows per page for Table (grid) views

When our customer asks to change the default of 20 rows in all the forms, it is not practical to have to edit all of them, one by one.

There should be a global way of changing this - the easiest would be to set in :

Business Rules -> Project Name -> Vocabulary -> Constant definition

In the forms, one by one, that instead of setting a literal value other than 20, we could enter the CHelper() function to get that constant's value.

Also, that we can change this dynamically in a form, like a custom search screen that asks the user how many rows per page they want to see, Next Button, we use that value (stored in the process table).

We also need (I asked for this before!) a CHelper() way of using the ME object to "get" data within a re-usable form, when that re-usable form is running within a process, and we want to get process-level data.

So if Form 1 asks the user for Rows Per Page, and this is stored in the process table, the following form (after the Next Button), is a re-usable form. The re-usable form has the Table (grid) object, and would use a CHelper method, using the ME object, to obtain the "Rows Per Page" value from the process table.

In our logic, we would test for null, meaning it doesn't exist, and set a default value.

This would go a LONG way into making re-usable forms -- actually -- useful !!!

The ME object has what we need.

Imagine if this worked in a script:

var someValue = CHelper.getProcessAttrib(Me, "xpath attribute without the < or >");

If (someValue == null) { someValue = 20; }

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Dear Mark,

Thank you very much for your contribution.

Our Product team will review it and we'll let you know in case of any news.


Support Team