Dynamic number of form control

Is it possible to dynamically create form control according to a query result?

We want to do a supplier rating by departments. Each department has defined 3-4 criteria to rate a supplier, which are stored in a "criteria" table in the data model. Thus, when the department representative tries to submit the rating, I want to form to generate the no. of control groups (1 group = Label + input box) according to the no. of criteria that department has defined.

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Dear Oliver,

Bizagi allows the definition and customization of special forms to consult information of ongoing and closed cases, as well as information stored in specific entities. With the search results of these queries you can create useful analysis reports. These special Forms are known as Query Forms.

The controls included in Query Forms serve as search criteria. They can be defined to perform powerful searches over created cases or over specific entities (Master and Parameter). Your search criteria can be business data and it can also be general process information (case creation date, creator user, case state, etc). You can customize the search criteria within ranges (for dates or numbers) and to be exact or approximate (for texts), etc.

Entity Queries: allow searching for information stored in specific entities (Master or Parameter), regardless of the processes they are involved in.

Entity Queries enable end users to look for information, for example, about Customers, Products, not related to particular cases but to their behavior i.e., business information. The Forms related to Entity Queries can include controls associated to the specified Entity. Process filters cannot be applied to Entity Queries (since they do not bring cases' information as the Context is not the Process entity).

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