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Is it possible to create a dynamic hyperlink in Bizagi that would always save an uploaded document in a specific way?

Ex. \\server\It\Meetings\DocumentName - {year}-{month}

In the example above, whenever they upload a document, it must be saved in this format.

For instance:

Monthly Goals - 2015-Dec
If they don't upload the file in this format, then they get an error message (this will force them to save all documents in a consistent way, providing organization).

Is there a way to accomplish this in Bizagi?

Thank you very much!

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Dear John,

To save documents that have been attached in cases, there are two alternatives: One is to use ECM integration: ( or another is to save files in the same server where Bizagi is installed or own repository: ( Regarding your needs, we recommend ECM integration because it has more possibilities to publish and share files.

If one decides to save files in the own repository, Bizagi uses its own structure. It is saved in one of the folders created by Bizagi to organize the documents that belong to each case. These folders are created by default in the docs directory that can be found in the folder of the web application server, whose path by default would be:

  • C:\Bizagi\Projects\ApplicationName\WebApplication\Docs

PS: The structure cannot be modified.

For further information: