Duration part of the process


I have problems related to the task states in the inbox and the BAM reports.

I know that each activity can be provided with a duration, however this is not what I am looking for since almost all activities are allowed to take as many days as needed. I specifically want to see in the overview the state of those cases that have reached a particular activity and need to continue to another activity, of which this part of the entire process is allowed to take 7 days. See attachment, the left orange arrow indicates the activity that should start this duration, the other orange arrow indicates where this deadline duration should end. Further activities are allowed to take as much time as needed. After this deadline when the case is not ready to continue, the entire case has to be ended (see blue arrow).

There is a timer, which should automatically end those cases that have reached the deadline of 7 days and are not ready to continue, which have therefore reached the retireduedate. See attachments.

However, it still results in only overdue cases, the reports are not showing the retireduedate.

When I customize the columns, the detail list of the BAM reports cannot be shown anymore.

Is it even possible to set the duration for only a small part of the process and have that used for the report overview and the task states in the inbox?

Thanks in advance



Dear Annemieke,

can you please check the following link in which we explain the timers configuration and how to uses this element.