Download Bizagi previous version 11.1


I have installed the version 11.0 and I need to ugrade to the last version but at this link:

I read this:

"You must upgrade to this release from a Bizagi project already using a 11.1.x version or higher.

If you have an 11.0.x Bizagi version, perform a minor version upgrade to version 11.1. This version is downloadable from logging in to the secure portal under Download previous version for migration."

Where I can find the 11.1 Bizagi version ?

Thank you

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Dear Nicoletta,

At the URL below you can download the 11.1 version of Studio, Studio JEE, JEE WebSphere and Weblogic, Automation Server and Studio for migration. All versions are available there, you'll only need a Bizagi account to log in.

Best regards.