Does Bizagi support Turkish Characters during work portal customization?


I need to customize my work portal in Turkish Language.Does Bizagi support it and Can we change the existing values in Bizagi's internal objects with Turkish one's?

Thank You.


Dear Ogun

Bizagi has pre-defined, out-of-the-box languages that you can choose from, to change the Work Portal's language. All menus will be automatically translated with no need for further customizations.

You can define more than one language and allow the final user to choose which language he/she desires their Work Portal to be displayed in. These out-of-the-box-languages are:









Keep in mind that you can display the Work Portal in any desired language. The languages that are not mentioned above require some adjustments to be completely supported. To learn how to localize your Work Portal please refer to: Localizing the Work Portal

best regards

Luis Emilo