Documentation for Bizagi's Programming Language


My main question is this: Do
you provide full documentation on your programming language so that
people could learn it and use it like they can learn a common
programming language?

I understand that Bizagi is inspired in C#, but I don't understand to what extent.

I was also wondering why Bizagi uses its own programming language?

I could be wrong, but it seems like if you used a common programming

language it would increase the amount of people who would purchase Bizagi (because

if they already knew the programming language then they would be ready to

"take off" performing custom operations). It seems like this would be seen as a "pro" to prospective adopters/users.


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Dear John,

Regarding this question, Bizagi needs to have its own functions to work without any problem in its two platforms (JEE and .NET). In addition, Bizagi has like 20 years since it was thought and at that time C# language didnt exist.



Hello Juan,

I see what you mean. However, is there documentation on Bizagi's programming language so that someone could learn it and be more knowledgeable and better equipped when it comes to trying to write expressions, etc.? Or, to ask a different question: What is the BEST way to equip myself to be able to write expressions correctly and to become a pro at it?

Thank you very much!