Diagram split clearly over multiple pages (Word / PDF publish or Image export)

For my company I'm using Bizagi to map our processes in BPM style. This works great and gives a lot of clarity.

Now our Quality Manager wants a snapshot of the BPM diagram integrated in the standardized company procedures. I figured that the best way to do this would be through Exporting as Image and insert into the Word procedure, or to publish as Word / PDF and then copy into the Word procedure.

For simple and short diagrams so far so good. However, our more complex or longer processes have a larger diagram with more shapes. Is there any way I can neatly split up this diagram so I can insert it over multiple rows/pages in Word? Right now all of my export/publish efforts create a diagram over 1 row, which results in minuscule shapes with unreadable text, even if the page is in landscape mode (see attached file).

Is there any way to clearly incorporate large Bizagi diagrams into a Word file?

Thanks in advance.

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Dear Mike,

Please download the latest Bizagi Modeler version (3.3) from

Then, in File>>Send & Publish option you'll be able to export your model to multiple formats, using two different templates (BizagiTemplate and ModelerTemplate) and with two different orientations (Landscape and Portrait).

All of them are improved in terms of resolution!

Also, we'll consider your suggestion to include a feature to have a better alternative when exporting models that are horizontally large.

As this is an issue related to Bizagi Modeler, we strongly recommend you to post similar issues at Modeler Community

Best Regards.