Define CurrentAssigneeBoss_Level2? More than one boss per user

I intend to establish more than one boss to a user. Both of these bosses are direct superiors and are at the same hierarchical level.

To do this I understand that is a way to define which user is " CurrentAssigneeBoss_Level2 " because in the performers area, I select the task to be assigned to "Current Assignee Boss" and " CurrentAssigneBoss_Level2 " .

How should I proceed? Do you see another way to do it using the best practices of Bizagi ?

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Dear Tiago,

According your question, an user cannot have 2 bosses at the same level on Bizagi. When you select any of those options, it will return the boss according the level. For example CurrentAssigneBoss2, boss of the boss of the user.

On the rule section, an expression allows defining a business rule to establish the value of a condition. You can define an expression or select an existing one from the set of default expressions defined by Bizagi. This source is only available for some use properties such as User id and identification number.

Default expressions included in the system are:

  • Current Assignee: Returns the user currently working on the Process.
  • Current Assignee Boss: Returns the boss of the user currently working on the Process. This expression has variations as CurrentAssigneeBoss_Level2, CurrentAssigneeBoss_Level3 etc to access different hierarchical levels.
  • Case Creator: Returns the user who created the case.