Datatranfer fails in nested subprocesses


I have a

process with nested processes, that does not seem to work. The top level process represent at sales

campaign. This campaign is assigned a collection of sales rep, each of which is

assigned a collection of customers to contact during the campaign. The data

model has these 3 related entities. The

process entity of the campaign process is set to the campaign entity and so on

the bottom level customer contact process has the customer contact entity as

its process entity.

Using a

Multiple Parallel Subprocess the campain proces starts a subproces pr. sales

rep in the associated collection. This works fine. All relevant data of both

the campaign entity and the relevant sales rep entity are accessible in the



exactly the same mechanism (Multiple Parallel Subrprocess) each sales rep

subproces instantiate subsubprocesses for each associated customer. This work

in so far, that all the subsubprocesses are created correctly, but the data of

the customer contact entity (and therefore of its parent entities) are not

accessible at run time. The subsubprocess stops with a base exception - Xpath

customer contact cannot be resolved (or something like that).

Is this

nesting of subprocesses not supported or should I look for an error in my process setup?