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Database error when creating a new process

When creating a new process in the Bizagi Studio, I get the error message shown in screenshot 2: "It seems that database connection has been lost suddenly. Please check the data server is available and try to open the current project again."

After I confirm the error message with OK, the program freezes.

This also happens when I want to create the process via the wizard

The connection to the database I have checked, since there are no problems

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Dear Markus,

This problem usually happens when there is a network problem. In order to solve this issue, check your network or talk with your network administrator.

Sometimes this issue is also happened when there are some blocked ports on your firewall. For further information:

You can test with your SQL Server in the same machine where Bizagi is and the problem won´t happen.

We look forward to hearing from you


Dear Juan,

I checked the network connection with telnet. There were no problems. Also, I turned off the firewall. The settings for the SQL Server I have also checked according to your article. Unfortunately everything without success. Do you have any other ideas?

Best regards