Database Bizagi ?


I want to know ofBizagi contains an integrate database please ?

I ask this question because I modelized my processus with bizagi this modelization contains request/response which have to interrogate database to have the response.

So Does Bizagi contain any one please ?

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Dear Alem

As far as we understand, you would like to integrate with external database in your process application. Is that correct? If so, please see below:

Through Data modeling in Bizagi, we define and create entities, attributes and relationships directly in the local process' data model (at Bizagi's database).

When doing this, Bizagi will also offers two powerful integration mechanisms that allows you to directly integrate existing data sources into Bizagi's data model.

These two mechanisms are known in Bizagi as Data Replication and Data Virtualization, which are data-level integration features presenting powerful benefits, such as the possibility to reuse and easily connect with external data models and their information.

Please refer to following article for details;

Hope this helps!

Best Regards