Data Virtualization - doesn't work


I have created my data virtualization entity in Bizagi . I followed the instructions of Bizagi Guide.

Could you please explain me how I have to impose my forms so that when the end User modifies a fiel in the work portal I see it also modified in the table present in the external data source - SQL?

Thank you


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Dear Alina,

To use Data Virtualization in Bizagi, you need to first ensure that your external data source adheres to best practices and requirement guidelines, such as having read and write access permission (a login with granted privileges).

Configuring the Data Virtualization is done by defining the external system and its data provider (connection to the external data source).

Bizagi offers a assisted graphical wizard so that minimum configuration is required.

Once the synchronization occurs, the information will be presented to end users to manage it as part of a business process in Bizagi.


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