Data Model Incomplete - Expression Manager

Using Bizagi Studio and working through My Second Process (Second Workshop for Product Evaluation.pdf, pg 83), in the Quotations sub-process. I created the data model for the Quotations sub-process and included the Vendor Request entity using 'Add Related Entities' from the OfficeSupplyRequest entity - looks okay. When I try and set the the expression however, the data model looks incomplete and does not show the complete Data Model (missing several entities)c6f5cccc4172449faa959ba25567c968, but I do see it when in the Custom XPath data model. I've attached a composite image showing the standard data model and where I added a customer XPath that used the 'Selected' boolean. 9d566cab82a3d49fe87662fbe6217e51. Not sure why.

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Dear Tim,

If the subprocess is embedded, bear in mind that the entity process of it needs to be the same that father entity process.

To know how embedded sub-process works, please follow this article: