Under Consideration

Customizable document name when creating in ECM


We're using Alfresco as external ECM. When a document is created by Bizagi in Alfresco, the document name (in bizagi) is prefixed by Bizagi by the name of the process and the id of the task in which the document was created.

For exemple, if my document name is "2015-03-30 DemandeDeConges_000802.pdf", the document created by Bizagi in Alfresco will have the name "E020_Absence_354__2015-03-30 DemandeDeConges_000802.pdf" where "E020_Absence" is the name of my process.

It's a real problem because the sort of the document is distorted.

The name of the document in Alfresco should be the same of the name in Bizagi or should be customizable.

Thank you to think about that.