Custom virtualization is only calling the entity's constructor and Init methods

I tried creating a custom virtualization using the BigAgiMySQL sample that is provided in this article: I added trace statements that log to the Windows Application event log so I can understand how the methods are being called by the Bizagi engine. I invoked both "Test Provider" and "Test Virtual Entity" in Bizagi Studio. Output from both reports that everything is OK. In my trace output, I see my custom provider methods being called, but I see only my custom entity's constructor and Init methods being called. The engine is not calling my other custom entity methods:AddEntity






ExistsEntityInstance (both method signatures)I am running version Is there a known problem with custom virtualization?

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I recompiled the BizagiMySQL project as you instructed. I also followed the step-by-step instructions at the posted article. I still get the same error as before:

Class BizagiMySQL.CMySQLProvider in assembly BizagiMySQL does not implement IProviderDA interface.


Is it possible that the evaluation edition ( does not support data virtualization? As I mentioned earlier, I have a non-public edition ( that successfully loads the assembly and calls some of the methods. The evaluation edition fails to even load the assembly, complaining that it does not implement this IProviderDA interface.


I do not agree with the status being changed to Answered. I still am unable to get this feature to work, even after carefully following the steps suggested.