"Current Task" combo box filtered by process and "users to include"

I am currently creating a Query Form.

I would like to retrieve all cases of a particular process with a specific current task.

The first problem I encountered was that I could not specify a default value for "current task" on the form definition. BizAgi studio just crashes (see attached files ErrorCurrentTaskDefault.*).

I left it with no default value, but when I run the query (see attached image CurrentTaskFilter.PNG) I can't select the task I want.

I want to filter by "Prueba realizada" (it is an intermediate signal event). If I don't filter by current task, I am able to see the processes (highlighted in yellow). These yellow processes only appear if in the form designer I select "All users" for "Users to include".

¿Is it possible to filter the "Current Task" combo box by process?

¿Is it possible to show "Prueba realizada" in this combo box?

Thanks for your help.


Dear Jaime

A member of our support team will contact you.

Best regards.