CreateDatabase.exe doesn't work


I'm trying to transfer my process to another SQL instance via Advanced Deployment process according to this article

But CreateDatabase.exe doesn't want to connect to the SQL instance.


CreateImport.exe and Export.exe works well.

Please help.

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Dear Vladimir

Bizagi presents an Advanced Deployment as an alternative to the One-click Deployment in Bizagi Studio, to perform Deployments of Processes in specific scenarios having sophisticated requirements.

Please configure the executable's configuration files which is usually at C:\Program Files\Bizagi\Bizagi Studio\MC

Within the folder structure of the Advanced Deployment structure, you will find these executable files: CreateDatabase.exe, Export.exe, and CreateImport.exe, with their corresponding configuration files: CreateDatabase.exe.config, Export.exe.config, and CreateImport.exe.config.

• First configure Export.exe, by editing the Export.exe.config file so that you specify the connection to the Development Database (from where you want to obtain changes in your project).

•Then configure the CreateImport.exe by editing its CreateImport.exe.config file so that you specify the connection to the target environment Database (to where you want to publish the changes in your project: Test, Production). You will need to configure CreateDatabase.exe similarly only for your initial deployment.

Please refer to following article for details:

Hope this helps!

Best Regards