Create SFTP connectpr using Node.js

Hello All,

For one of our bank clients, I need to create a custom connector to connect to SFTP server and retrieve/upload files to it. I do have a sample SFTP server for testing purpose. I understand that it has to be done using node.js libraries. Can someone help me with the steps and details like where to mention server URL, credentials and use get/post methods.


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Dear Ritika,

As you are are attempting to create a custom connector, please click here and click on Expert Button to start creating your connector.

1. You can add Actions to make possible the use of GET/POST methods.

2. You have two options in order to mention the URL and credentials: you can add them as Global parameters or add them at the page-bottom "INPUTS/OUTPUTS". I strongly recommend you the first option.

3. Please read the help text next to Libraries to provide yourself with detailed instructions.

For additional help, please refer to, it is an example of a npm package using SFTP server connection.

I hope it works for you. Let us know if you need more information.

Best Regards!