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Connection between Parent Process and child Subprocess disappear


I have a process that creates a number of clients using a multiple subprocess. As last week, it weas working fine, but today I found out that the attributes from the parent process are not displaying in the form, and the values established in the subprocess are not recognized in the main process. It's like they are not recognizing each other as parent and child processes, but when i tried to print the case id of the parent, it was the correct id.

As far as I know there have been no changes in this particular process, so I have no idea what happened.

Attached there is an image showing some fields of the parent process in the subprocess, as you can see, they are empty even when they do have values.

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Patricio Carrasco

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Dear Patricio,

To analyse much better this case, please attach some screenshots. In addition, we would like to know if the subprocess is embedded. In case that it is embedded, verify that the process entity is the same of the father process entity.

We look forward to hearing from you