Collaboration,problems with sending notifications/messages from Process "A" to Process "B"

Hello, I have problems with sending notifications/messages from Process "A" to Process "B"

Both Processes are in the same Bizagi Project.

I did this steps like described in this Section (

The elements that need configuration will be highlighted.Click on the event and fill in the following information:•Process: process that catches the message.•Element: element that catches the message in the process defined above.•XPath: Exactly what case will receive it (i.e. the id case of the process that has the catch message event). The case number that will receive the message must be stored in the data model. Please keep in mind that when the catch message event is a Message Start shape, the XPath field where the id case is mapped is not editable. The id of the case could be saved using the function CaseId found in the functions options.

The Message Start Event works but not the intermediate Message Event.This is how my function looks like:<ProcessEntityName.Attributename> = Me.Case.Id

Thank You


Hello Juan,

I considered the steps mentioned above.

is the collaboration diagram mandatory for the execution? I can do the Message Assignment in the Step "Collaboration" in the Wizard.

The Process B doesn't receive the message so the Process Instance can't complete.

Maybe there is something wrong with my function or with the Data Attribute.

I attached screenshots of the two processes and the function I used. The names of the Elements are unfortunately in German.

Thank You and Best Regards



Dear Mariana,

According your screenshots, we can identify that one is modeling and one is automating. You should consider that to automate a process in collaboration mode, Bizagi needs to create those as processes separately. It means that the collaboration with work through expressions and not by connections. Please check again the examples in the previous posted comment.


They are two separated processes, not using pools in the same process. Regards