Code error: 12903 Could not find the BizAgi.EntityManager.Entities assembly

Hi, I had a working project, then (using Bizagi Studio from my workstation) I modified the entity structure and started receiving the error messages :Error

Code error: 11859 Error on ProcessForm

Code error:

12903 Could not find the BizAgi.EntityManager.Entities assembly

Please try
again later. If the error persists contact the system administrator.

This is when trying to view any form in Bizagi. I solved it once by taking a new version of the process, which seemed to re-build everything.I checked the C:\Bizagi\[Bizagi_edition]\Projects\[your_project]\EntityManager folder and the Bizagi.EntityManager.Entities.dll file has the date 1 day before I made the change. There are plenty of .temp files with the current date and the log.txt file says the build was succesful (also dated 1 day before the change). I think it is not being re-built. Thanks for any help in figuring out this error.

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Dear Flavía,

A member of our support team will contact you to analyse it.



Dear Juan:

I have the same issue in my production env.

Please we need urgent help.

I included a screen of my attachment Issue

Files: tes.png

Dear Cristian,

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