Under Consideration

Closed Cases Ease of Access and Security/Permissions - Full audit including Uploaded Documents

There is a two pronged challenge, security/permissions and one stop shop to view closed cases including uploaded documents. While there are features that partially solve the business need there is not a complete feature set to configure permissions for various roles or users to access just their activities versus the entire case, in addition to viewing uploaded documents once a case is closed, or when a case instance is inflight. The only way to access uploaded documents once a case is closed is via a global or summary form. The challenge is security on Global or

Summary forms, you can write exit rules to limit visibility to uploaded

documents but in general there is a need to have an easier way to access

completed cases that included uploaded documents following a set of

permissions to access as it was an active case, meaning permissions at

the activity level, case security only gets you part way there. There is

a usability challenge in trying to see a completed case from start to

end without having to go to different reports, state logs or the use of

global or summary forms. It would be nice to have a view into the

completed case via the process model or some other UI view, hover over

and drill down to get the details by activity including the uploaded

documents. We have several different types of profiles, roles and

permissions based on what each is responsible for and what they should

be able to see and do for both active and completed cases, the active

works fine, it is the completed case end to end audit I find to be

cumbersome, we are working with legal and compliance documentation which

adhere to specific security protocols.

It would be nice to be able to have a UI view into closed cases that limits the user on what they can access/see based on permissions (just their activities) vs full case along with uploaded documents.