Choosing data from related table or entering data in the same data fields

Hi !

I have simple business scenario to implement but I could not find any solution or recommendation in your documentation or video.

Company want to process with Bizagi car assistance orders. Orders are coming from private individuals or from companies. In the first step of the process user must enter data about the person or company which is ordering the assistance:

- company name or first and last name of the person

- street

- zip

- city

- country

- tak number

If the car assistance was ordered by person user should enter needed data manually and if the car assistance was ordered by company user should pick data from related table "Company".

How to use only one set of fields in master table "VehicleAssistence" to save data about person or company which is ordering assistance.

I am sending you the picture of my basic data model and user form for the first process step, I have to develop. The category table AuhorityType has two values (PI - private individual, COM - company) so I can distinct among different sources of orders.

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Jurij Jerele


Dear Jurij

You can use a conditional expressions to determine the way to display yours forms. Please review the following article in order to obtain further information about conditionals.

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Luis Emilio