Check for Quantity available

Hi all,

I need your help with a simple process. I want to have a user order a certain quantity of goods for a certain day and an automated process to check whether enough goods are available for that day. If yes, the process is approved and a confirmation email is sent. If not, an email is sent to tell him that only the next day is available (or ideally mentioning the next day with sufficient capacity).

For that I have created a form where the user can enter all his information (e.g. OrderDay and OrderQuantity). Then I have created an entity showing the stocks, so with the two attributes Day and StockQuantity. Now I don't know how to write data into there, i.e. how how much stock is available on which day.

Next, I would need you help to write the expression (something like "if OrderQuantity > StockQuantity for OrderDay=Day then true") and to trigger the email.

Thank you very much for your help.

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Dear G Melahon,

Please share your model with the progress you have done until now, for us to better understand your goal and provide you with the help you need.

About the expression, we need to know the XPath and data model that you are using to write the correct expression.