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Changing weekend days in a time schema

I am not able to change the weekend days in any time schema, even if I create a new one.

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Dear Ahmad,

We understand that you are having trouble changing your weekend days in your Schema, but can you please attach screenshots or any other evidence to better understand what is preventing you to do so? Thanks in advance.



Hi Andres,

In the default time schema in Bizagi, the weekend days are Saturday and Sunday. In KSA where I work the weekend days are Friday and Saturday.

So as you see, I need to create a new time schema for my organization, where the weekend days are Friday and Saturday. During the new schema creation, there is no screen asking me about the weekend days, and again the new schema has got the weekend as SAT and SUN.

The only way I found to resolve this is to go manually for every Sunday on the calendar and edit the day and change it to a working day and key in the working hours, and to go to every Friday on the calendar and edit the day and change it to a non-working day. Please note that even trying to make this process less cumbersome by using a date range cannot work here, as I have to edit only Fridays and Sundays. This editing process should go on indefinitely.

Similarly if I want to edit the working hours and change for example the lunch break hour, I have to repeat this task manually, even if I choose a date range, as I still have to choose a starting and ending date, after which I have to again set the working hours when this date is passed.

It is needed to have the following attributes for setting while creating a new time schema:

1- Ability of setting the weekend days

2- Ability of setting the working hours for the working weekdays

Please find a screenshot attached