change the name of the portal or database when deployed to test?

I have deployed a project to Test and then to Production.

We have made some changes and want to test them, but when I deploy the changes to test, I get a message that states, "The database name Test_xxxx, in SERVER-NAME server already exists."

So, now I can't deploy it unless I change the database name? Huh? If I do that, it changes the name of the portal so that my testers can't find what they expect in their portal... (totally confused).

So I saw this:

Based on the valuable feedback from the BPM Suite community, we have been frequently requested for the possibility to edit the automatically-generated name Bizagi gives to the Test or Production database, while in the deployment configuration.

This option would apply for the one-click deployment feature in Bizagi, so that deploying to Test or Production enables the edition of the database that will be created.

We gladly share that this suggested idea is already in progress, and it will be released in our upcoming version.

So, I see it was done, but cannot find out how to do it? My goal would be to simply change the name of the portal? Help lost... argh!!

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Dear Brian,

After you have selected what deployment you want to do, you may modify the default name. It only happens for the first deployment.

For the Test environment, the project's database name is defaulted as "Test_[myProject]" but you may alter this name as well.


For further information:

Best Regards


When I try to deploy to test and reuse the name in test, (i.e., Test_Whatever), I get "database name already in use" and the deployment is halted.

Am I doing something wrong?


Dear Brian,

In works for the fist deployment. I mean that for example you create a project, automate it and want to deploy it. At the moment to deploy it for first time, you can change "Test_[Project]" for another name. It should work without any problem.

If you want to use an existing project name, the message will be: "database name already in use"

We look forward to hearing from you