Change the "at risk" duration

Hello to all,

I am evaluating Bizagi and especially its features for SLA management which would be very useful for my company. I especially appreciate the reports showing whether a case is on time, at risk or overdue. Today a case is considered "at risk" when it expires within the day. I was wondering if it was possible to change this duration and indicate a case as "at risk" when its due date is within 3 days (and not one) for example.Also, I know it is possible to set alarms when tasks do not meet the defined SLAs, is it also possible to set alarms 3 days before a case is due for example?Thank you for your help


Dear Elsa,

In order to help you to best assist with this question, you can modify your timers. Tasks duration is used to calculate performance indicators and the status of pending activities in the Work Portal.Duration can be static, defined in the Process Model or it can be dynamic, evaluated by an expression when the Task is created. IMPORTANT:

  • Dynamic duration has to be defined in minutes or it must return a fixed date.
  • Durations MUST be set On Enter of Activities to be taken into consideration. If the duration is not set On Enter, then Bizagi will use the static duration defined in the Process Model.

For further information, please visit this article: set_tasks_and_timers_duration

About the Alarms, Bizagi provides a tool that allows you to generate warnings for different people when a Task is about to expire, expires or has expired. Alarms in Bizagi are triggered as email notifications. A message is send to a specified person to inform the status of a Task and thereby prompting the necessary actions to complete the pending Activity.

For further information, please visit this article: defining_alarms

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