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CEntityManager.GetEntity is not working

Dear support team,I am trying to use CEntityManager.GetEntity but it is not working.BizAgi shows the message: BIZRULE 10018 source code. Entity name '[my database].[dbo].[Entity Name]' used in CEntityManager.GetEntity does not exists.

I use others paths like this:a) '[dbo].[Entity Name]'b) 'Entity Name' thanks, Pedro Gentil


Dear Pedro

It is very important to point out that EntityManager should only be used to get and work with entities that are not related to the case and that CANNOT be accessed directly by surfing the data model with XPath. This is because EntityManager does not get the data from the Scope, but from the Database directly. Thus the information that has not be persisted yet is not going to be found by the EntityManager.

If you want more information about the use of EntityManager please review the following article:

Best regards

Luis Emilio