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Cascading Combo to collection (table)

My suggestion is to improve the cascading combo.

Actually it is just supported to the form, but in some situations we need to make an association automatically in collections, like my case, that I have a collection with calls that my sellers need to do and they have to mark the status and a substatus of every call done (this two entities ara parametric and the entity "Status" has a lot of "Substatus")

To solve my problem in a collection, I make a filter in the colunm Substatus based in the colunm Status, but if I have one substatus marked before and then I change to a new Status, the last substatus still there... this should not occur, the "Substatus" should be clean, so in my "Action and Validation" I create a rule applied to the collection that when the status change, the substatus receive "null".

It worked, but when the user is using the form and he click in the colunm to reorder the collection alphabetically, Bizagi understand that the Status has change and atualize every item to Substatus "null".

And I can't advance...

So I think that the solution for this problema should be add cascading combo to the collection.

Thank you and congrats for Bizagi 11, it's very good!

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Dear Rodrigo

We were unable to reproduce this issue in our labs. If you change the Status, the "Sub Status" drop down should automatically reset. You shouldn't have to write any script to do that.

Can you please share screen shots of your data model and the scripts you have implemented?

We look forward to hearing from you.