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Cascading combo level limitation and multiple parent child relationship


I've got a problem in defining cascading combo. it goes like this:

First, I want to limit the number of parents inside the form. for example I just want to have city and state as cascade in my form (maybe in other one I need all of them(city, state and country) so don't want to change parent child relation).

Second, I want to have cascading combo based on other relations like city type(for instance when I select metropolis type, just big cities be shown). If I want to have both cascading based on states and city type in different form, what should I do?(there is no possibility of having multiple parent or changing parent inside of the form)

Thanks in advance

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Dear Mahdi,

Regarding your question, Bizagi does not allow to have what you need. The information that we have is the same as you already know:

As workaround, you can use a search control because you can filter the information using many filters. For further information: