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Can't remove one-to-one relationship


I accidentally added an one-to-one relationship between two entities

(Travel Request and Hotel), and idHotel and idTranvelRequest were

created respectively. A figure attached.

To correct it, I am failing to remove the relationship through

"Delete relationship" of the arrow "TravelRequest_Hotel", delete of

idHotel, or deleted of idTravelRequest. The Module view does not

work, either. It seems like a deadlock between two dependencies.

How can I remove the relationship (and idHotel and idTravelRequest)


Thank you,


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When opening up the Module view, "single-to-single" in the Hotel entity can delete the relationship.


Hello Hiro,

I've managed to solve this problem. I don't know whether it's some sort of bug or the correct procedure anyway, but this is what I did:

I clicked in "Relationship" and created a Multiple-to-Multiple relationship between the two entities.

Now I had 2 (two) relationships between them, one Single-to-Single and this Multiple-to-Multiple I've just created.

After that I saved my Data Model and closed it.

Finally, when I reopened it, the only relationship between them was the Multiple-to-Multiple one, and I was able to delete right away, without a single problem.

I hope this is useful for other people with similar problems.

Thank you and good luck!



It didn't help me. I am still strugling to delete the single-to single relation