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Can't get award of completion in Elearning because website doesnt record completion of tasks


I started learning bizagi, for that i'm doing the elearning courses.

I started with the Process Modeling one and then went to the Essentials of Process Automation, Process Automation 1 and now i'm doing Process Automation 2.

Process Modeling went fine and I got in the end the reward of completion but after that I couldn't finnish any of the other courses because certain tasks after I finnish them the website doesn't record the completion of them. (The green tick after the task doesn't appear)

Check the screenshot I attached to better understand what is the problem.

I want to receive the award of completion of the courses I did but at the moment I can't because of this problem.


Nuno Pinho

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Hi again,

I found a workaround for this problem, basically the website is a bit buggy and sometimes you really need, for going back to the initial page after finishing the activity/task, to press where it says "Exit activity" (In the top right corner).

Normally I would simply close the tab or click to go back in the browser, that works for some tasks but for others don't.


Nuno Pinho


Dear Nuno,

Please try the following tips and let us know the results:

-Change your browser

-Make sure that you have pop-up windows activated (it is better to open the course videos in pop-up windows)

-Try to click multiple times when opening a section and refresh the page immediately to be sure that the green tick has been updated.

-Logout/Login of the e-learning space.

Best regards.