Not a Problem

Can't add new expression on activity actions.

Hello, I'm using Bizagi Express Studio version: 10.1.01020. I'm doing the "My first process" exercice available here on the site, and I can't add a new expression on activity actions, I only get the "variable declaration" option when I click the mouse's right button on the play arrow on the expression diagram.

Can you tell me why?

I also get an error saving the forms, I'm creating them exactly as said on the excercice. The error warning indicates the StartDate i guess. Can't realy understand the warning hilight.

I chose to save anyway with the error... I don't know if these two are related or not.

Thank you.


Dear Filipe,

These links can help you to understand what is wrong in your rule of scripting(expression).

About the problem of the form, could you please send a print screen of the message?




Ok, thank you very much.

As for the new expression on activity actions I wasn't clicking on the black arrow, I was clicking on the "play" button.As for the error saving the forms problem I manage to find the problem, I wasn't including the layout and data fields on the Group Container.

Both problems solved. thank you.