Cannot start a process via the rest API

I am trying to invoke a process via a rest call. I have followed the instructions regarding setting up oauth services. Once I have my token, I can successfully invoke most of the rest api services for example list processes, get data about a particular process etc but, for example, whenever I try to start a process via post to http://localhost/TestRestProj/odata/data/processes(ec503810-69e6-4343-8b4c-86ff4f7dea3a)/start

I get the following error:


"code": "500",

"type": "ODataException",

"status": "InternalServerError",

"message": "Could not create case for process id 'ec503810-69e6-4343-8b4c-86ff4f7dea3a'. Entity metadata not found. Entity ID: -1."


I checked my process id by issuing a GET to


This works fine.

This happens for all processes. I can invoke those same process via soap without issue. Any advice?

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Hello Bill,

In order to start a process with this feature you must also send start parameters in the body of the invocation.

Please see more information here:

Best Regards