Cannot see all projects when opening management console (BizAgiMC.exe).

Hi, I have Bizagi studio installed locally (v. and have created a number of projects. When I open Bizagi Studio I can see all my projects and am able to select them as appropriate.

However when I load want to open a project in management console (BizagiMC.exe) I can only see some of my projects.

Note I have clicked the "all projects" icon .

Is there some config file that this utility uses to get a list of projects that I can amend? Any help would be appreciated.


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Dear Mark,

You can see all the projects in Studio because usually they are created from it. Nevertheless, MC only shows the projects that have opened from there (In All Projects and Recent Projects too), but, you can register any project that you have following these simple steps:

Click Recent Projects>>Select the server>>Select a project>>Click Finish.