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Cannot run process


I am working through My First Process (First Workshop for Product Evaluation). I'm almost at the end! But in step 7 (Execute) when I try to run the process, I get the error: "Hmmm...can't reach this page". (Screenshot is first attachment.)

Development is set to http://OFFICE-PC/BPMProject, which doesn't look quite right to me. OFFICE-PC is the System Name/Computer Name of my PC. (See second and third attachments.)

How can I get the Run process to run successfully?

Thank you.


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Dear Wendy,

Regarding your Windows version, Home and SL versions are not supported according our System Requirements: You can upgrade your current Windows version or create a Virtual Machine.

It is important to install IIS correctly according this article:, so please check in your Windows the option to do it.




Thank you for the reply.

Initially I was not able to create a project, but after I set IIS up correctly (using the link you mentioned), that issue was resolved. states that all versions of Windows 10 are supported except SL. But you are saying that Home is not supported either? It would be nice if the documentation was up to date.

Thanks again for the reply.