Not a Problem

Cannot create Bizagi Projects on local PC (W7) + Bizagi Express (10.3) + SQL 2012 Express (localDB)


I need to have a local PC development environment for working on Bizagi projects when offline.

Local install of SQL Server 2012 Express went fine using LocalDB (so it starts/stops automatically)

Local install of Bizagi Express (10.3.1030.0) went fine and connected to the SQL LocalDB Instance

Cannot create a Bizagi Project ! I get the errors below. I have double checked: the SQL instance was running fine and the sa user and password work fine from SQL Server Management Studio. Bizagi should work or ?


Anyone having similar issues ? Anyone running Express on SQL Server 2012 ? Express ? LocalDB ?

Thanks for looking into this and any help you can provide

Best Regards,JohMut